March 21, 2011

Twitter Changes Advertising

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For the average person, tweeting seems like a normal past time. A place where you can share specific details about what you are doing and where you are at any time of the day. Well for some lucky people, tweeting has earned them access to V.I.P parties, free trips, and shopping sprees.  Companies are contacting specific individuals who tweet positive things about their organization and offering them prizes because they are seen as influential advertisers for the company.

Over 106 million people are accessing Twitter on a daily basis to tweet about personal feelings, local events, and places traveled.  Twitter is quickly gaining popularity, adding around 300,000 new users every day.  When people tweet about great restaurants, they are not only sharing with their friends and family, but are also advertising for that specific restaurant. Because the clients use their tweets for positive recommendations, companies are quickly realizing that twitter can improve business and be used as a new means of advertisement.

For many companies, advertising is an expensive but necessary aspect of an organization.  Companies spend a large amount of money advertising on multiple mediums, such as television, online and newspapers.

A company can spend up to $1,800 a month for advertising online.

According to Heidi Cohen, president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, online advertising provides marketers with a false sense of security and may be costing them more than they think.

Due to the cost of advertising, companies have been relying on the average person to do some of their online advertising.  Twitter allows anyone to express their feelings and viewpoints about anything.  Many people use Twitter to comment on restaurants they have visited, organizations they use, or places they have traveled. In 140 characters, they tweet a specific message about how the company has benefited them or their true thoughts about the services offered.

Although the tweeters don’t think they are doing anything important, marketers see it as a new way of free advertising.

Marketers are starting to see the impact and influence that Twitter has on society.  When people tweet something online, the message can be instantaneously  viewed by thousands of people for free.  Twitter is a fast and free advertising platform that can be highly influential if used correctly.  The influence of a message depends on the reliability of the person who creates the tweet.  Many people who tweet have followers that trust their judgment and are more likely to follow in their footsteps.

For example, if a famous person tweets about a fabulous latte they just bought at Starbucks, their followers are more likely to buy that same latte to test it out.  Because marketers are taking advantage of specific people based on their followers and influence on others, the company’s attributes are being delivered to a larger audience by a more reliable source.

Friends will trust their friend’s judgment more than anyone else.

Although advertisers are using specific people on Twitter to help increase awareness of their company, the people are receiving major compensation for their work on Twitter.  Many people are being rewarded with shopping sprees and an invitation to elite V.I.P. parties.  Through these prizes, the companies are showing their gratitude and respect for those who help them.

For most companies it is much more cost-effective to reward the average person for their support than to create advertisements themselves.

Based on the large community on Twitter, the rewards that companies offer to those who are advertising on Twitter are encouraging others to do the same.  “Their efforts have ignited a race among social-media junkies who, eager for perks and bragging rights, are working hard to game the system and boost their scores,” said Jessica E. Vascellar, New York Times Journalist.  “So much for wealth, looks or talent.  Today, a new generation of VIPs is cultivating coolness through the world of social media.  Here, ordinary folks can become “influential” overnight depending on the number and kinds of people who follow them on Twitter.”

The game has only begun for most influential tweeters.  As the companies continue to offer prizes to those who tweet about them, the competition is only going to get better and better.

This new competition will lead to better content being created, more participants and better prizes.

If the content is better, than the information people are getting is more influential.  Companies have found a new creative way to take advantage of Twitter.  It is a win-win situation for the companies and the tweeters.  The tweeters gain new followers and prizes, while the companies increase their advertisement for free.

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